About Us


Inner Sparkle’s name originated with the hopes of creating fun entertainment while reaching out to young girls to encourage them to love their 

“Inner  Self".

While the original concept and brand is still in the works for Inner Sparkle (More Coming Soon), the beginning was just a name. Inner Sparkle Teepee Parties was then created as an extension of the brand. As a working mom I understand the amount of time and effort it takes to host and create the perfect sleepover. The goal is to create a hassle-free  experience and change the way Sleepovers are done! I find a lot of moms are wanting something different but lack creativity, resources or time.

We live in a world where children are forced to mature before their time. Electronics, Social Media & YouTube are taking the best free gift a child can have, “Imagination”!  You only get one childhood and it should be spent creating memories. 

Book  your Child an Inner Sparkle Teepee Party today! We have packages for  girls and boys. Let their Imagination go, and your feet relax! Book today! 

*Please view our FAQ’s, Terms and Conditions Section on our website for any questions or concerns. Inner Sparkle suggests ages 6-16, but any age is totally up to you! 

Thank you for Inquiring With Inner Sparkle Teepee Parties


We look forward to making memories for you and your family!