Frequently Asked Questions

Special Packages & Additional Information

Special Packages & Additional Information


Does setup & delivery require extra fees? 

Setup, delivery & breakdown are included in the price.  

What is the time frame for the rental of the Teepee's? 

All teepees are delivered the day of the party. We like to arrive 2-3 hours before your event. A scheduled time will be discussed for break down and pick up the next day. 

How clean is the equipment? 

All of our teepee's and equipment are inspected and properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. We inspect our teepee's and they are spot cleaned in between use. Teepees are taken apart and thoroughly washed weekly.  All of our linens are washed after each use. All of our accessories are inspected and sanitized via breakdown before reuse.

Are your Teepee's for sale? Can they be used outdoors?

Our Teepee's are only for hire at this time. All of our equipment is for indoor use only. 

How soon do I need to book for a Inner Sparkle Party? 

I suggest 3-4 weeks prior to the event. Anything less than 2 weeks  or less will not give us time to honor any special requests such as add on's and possible new themes. 50% of the cost of the party is due at booking as a deposit for any special requests. The 50% comes off the balance. We like to make sure we give an experience your child won't forget. Last minute bookings 1-week notice will require additional 

"rush fees" if any add on's or special requests outside of the theme is asked. 

What if I need less than 5 Teepee's?

We do offer special pricing for fewer than 5. Please see our package and additional information section. Give us a call and we will see if we can accommodate. 

What if i need more than 5 Teepee's? 

If your needing more than 5, an additional $40 per extra Teepee will be charged.

Does any of the decor require plugging in to an outlet? 

No, all of our LED decor are ran via batteries. An emergency Kit is left for the night with extra batteries in case anyone's goes out. An air pump is also left for air mattress use just in case.

How far out do you travel? Are any additional fee's applied due to mileage? 

We service Louisville Metro & Surrounding Areas. We service MOST parts of Southern Indiana. Additional mileage fees will occur to any area outside of our 25 mile radius of our starting point. This will be relayed at the time of booking before payment is taken. We charge one flat fee of $50 for surrounding areas over the 25 mile radius. 

***Bookings out of town will be priced according to your location. No rate will be the same as the distance is not the same. Inquire for out of town bookings***

***We do not Rent out our Teepee’s and lighting. You must book the package & theme that is offered***

Special Packages & Additional Information

Special Packages & Additional Information

Special Packages & Additional Information


All final payments  are due 7 days prior to party date by 5:00 p.m EST. 

We also offer special event pricing for the following starting at $175. This determines what you want to book and what you need for your event.

Baby Showers 

Bridal Showers 

Ladies Night

*** These events are for use of our Teepee set up and decor only. Beds are not included and the rental is for that day for the hours of the event. Over nights are not an option for this package. If you need an overnight booking, pricing is the same as our regular base package. Pickup is same day/night.  Please contact us for additional questions. We would love to converse with whom is setting up the decor for these events so everything flows and matches perfectly!  We also would love to do the entire event decor and all for additional fees. 

*** Please be advised that a deposit of $100 is required at the time of all bookings. If your package exceeds $350, 50% of the balance will be due for the deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable and comes off the price of the party. All balances are due 7 days prior to the event. 

If you're needing 2 to 3 Teepee's only for our themed  packages, we can accommodate and adjust the  pricing as this would be considered a 

"Special Booking"

* Package for 2 teepees - $185

 * Package for 3 Teepees- $200

Other Special Bookings: 

* Church or Retreat Lock ins! 

Price TBD per amount of Teepee's needed